Our Local Community

Coogee Bay Hotel is committed to the advancement of the local community and each year makes available significant sponsorship funds to assist local community groups and sporting organisations.

It is our policy to first support local events, charities and organisations with a view to helping the area grow as a leading tourist attraction and as a safe local community for the residents.

Coogee Cares

Coogee Cares is a community initiative between Coogee Lions Club and Coogee Bay Hotel. Working to improve the lives of an individual or family, the Coogee Cares Initiative is asking for your help.If you are aware of a special someone in need, let us know, and they could be the next one that Coogee Cares about.

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Coogee Bay Hotel Goes Green

In a bid to see hospitality by-products effectively recycled, the Coogee Bay Hotel set up a program with the Beverage Industry Environment Council to develop Best Practice Waste Management for ongoing use in hotels and registered clubs around Australia.

Coogee Bay Hotel is serious about reducing its environmental impacts. Coogee Bay Hotel recycles bottles, cans, cardboard, paper and plastics.

As a result of these environmental initiative Coogee Bay Hotal Sydney - largest hotel outlet is now recycle 75% of all the packinging materials consumed on site

In 2008-2009, over 41 tonnes of paper & cardboard were recycled plus an additional 8.5 tones of glass and plastic was recycled.

This resulted in significant environmental savings.

  • 133 square meters of landfill was saved
  • 741 gigajoules of Energy Saved. Enough to power 34 Homes each year was saved
  • 16 tonnes of C02 emissions prevented. Enough to remove 4 cars from the road every year.
  • 975 Thousand Litres of water were saved each year. Enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool.

Our Water savings program was initiated during 2008-2009, including water saving shower roses, smaller flush size for toilet cisterns/urinals water feature reticulation to save water and gas hot water installed to replace electric systems.

This has resulted in 125,000 litre water savings compared to the previous year.

In addition to our recycling activities, we have installed air-conditioner kill switches & energy saving fluorescent globes throughout the hotel. Our Liquor Barn uses paper & recycled plastic bags.

Staff conduct regular nightly cleaning of the entire block we are located on. We also take part in Clean Up Australia day to beautify our Local area.

Our Neighbours

We value our neighbours and keeping Coogee safe, so please ensure you consider our neighbours when leaving the hotel.

Coogee Bay Hotel House Policy

This hotel has a policy to serve patrons in a responsible and friendly manner.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

We are commited to ensuring that our patrons, our staff and our community are not put at risk.

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist patrons in their decision to drink in moderation and will provide water and alternative transportation options upon request. We will not serve any person under the age of 18 years, or any patron who is intoxicated.

This policy in no way limits an individuals choice to drink and enjoy themselves in a responsible manner.

Dress Code

Neat casual attire is required.
No singlets or thongs allowed.
Management reserve the right to refuse entry.

Eastern Beaches Liquor Accord

The Coogee Bay Hotel is a founding member of the Eastern Beaches Local Area Command Liquor Accord. The hotel was instrumental in the establishment of this Accord through our Liquor Consultative Committee (LCC). The Coogee Bay Hotel instigated such action by making our LCC financial, thus enabling action to take place.

The result of this is the first self funding Liquor Accord in NSW which focused on five principles:

  • Prevent underage drinking
  • Responsible service of alcohol
  • Maintaining the quiet and good order of the local neighbourhood
  • Prevent anti-social behaviour
  • Work and communicate with police and local government to ensure the objectives of the Liquor Accord are met.

The management and staff of the Coogee Bay Hotel are committed to supporting and upholding these principles for the betterment of our local community. The Coogee Bay Hotel management play an active role within the Eastern Beaches executive team to ensure that appropriate actions and requirements are met.

This active role assists the Liquor Accord with the implementation of successful strategies within the Eastern Beaches. An example of this is the Policeman stand cut-out initiative preventing crime within local bottle-shops and off-premise venues. The successful launch of this initiative has seen many Licensees of local hotels praise the Accord of their involvement within the local community.


The Coogee Bay Hotel maintains a strong relationship with eastern beaches Police services based on a mutual cooperation and respect. Meetings are held regularly to determine where the local hotel can improve its program. The Police assist by conducting random ID checks and monitoring confiscated false ID's attained by hotel staff.



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